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How Long Does It Take To Learn To Drive?

As with most things in life, some are faster learners than others. Driving is no exception here. Plenty of teens learn to drive in just a few hours, but it’s highly unlikely that anyone really understands how to handle a vehicle without at least 10 hours behind the wheel.


The Value Of Learning To Drive Using A Professional Driving School

Many parents think that they will teach their children to drive. As most people have forgotten more than they ever learned all they are doing is passing on their bad habits to the kids. Not only that, but most adults really forget a lot of the rules of the road, and may find it hard to articulate proper driving habits or things to look out for. Most people aren’t born to teach, and it’s always best to leave teaching to an experienced teacher. 

One additional bonus for using a professional instructor is that their cars are also equipped with dual controls so that the instructor can slam his foot on the break if the student doesn't.


How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Drive?

Driving instructors are professional people with nerves of steel and their classes are structured to impart the information over a period of time. They help the trainee driver to prepare to pass the driving test using their knowledge and give students a  higher standard of driving. The basics can be learnt in 10 lessons, but it is safer to continue on for 20 lessons and learn more defensive driving techniques.


Where Will I Be Taught To Drive?

You will be taught to drive on the road under mostly normal traffic conditions, but in the beginning the instructor does choose the quieter streets. It’s perfectly normal for a driving instructor to take you from quiet side streets to the highway, and then to heavily trafficked areas in just one lesson. In fact, this is desired, as it helps you to understand how quickly the type of driving you are doing can change. 

The driving Instructor will take you through the various steps and the next week will build on what you have learnt. In conjunction with this is the online training done from home. This is where you will learn all the road rules and some other road facts which are very important.


How Will A Student Benefit From The Driving Lessons?

One of the main reasons for using a driving school is the dual foot pedals. It’s also easier to learn from an instructor than it is from your parents. When you are competent to pass the driving test and have logged the requisite hours in their log book, the instructor will be able to tell you what to look for on the test and make sure that you are fully prepared.

If for any reason the driving instructor does not think you are ready to take the test, they are saying this for a very good reason and you should keep practicing on what they think your weakest points are. You can learn more here about what happens if you fail your driving test. 

Not everyone has the aptitude or skill to get behind the wheel without guidance from a professional. Once you take your first lesson with a professional instructor it will become glaringly obvious why having an instructor is both the easiest and fastest way to learn how to drive a car.

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