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How Long Is A Driving Test?

Are you preparing to take the driving test to get your license? If so, it’s helpful to know what to expect before arriving to your test. Check out some facts on the driving test so you’re prepared when the big day arrives.


How Long Does A Driving Test Take?

This is one of the most common questions of people scheduled to take the test. The average amount of time it takes to complete all aspects of the driving test is 40 minutes. The traffic conditions in the area and the specific process of the driving test examiner are both factors that affect the time it takes to complete the test. It helps to know how long the test takes so you can mentally prepare yourself for the exam.


Before The Driving Test

After arriving at the test facility, you check in and wait to see the driving test examiner. The examiner will introduce him or herself and you’ll take an eye test to ensure your vision is adequate for driving. The examiner will ask you a couple questions about the safety and maintenance of a car. Afterward, you’ll walk together out to the vehicle you drove with your parent or guardian to take the test. You will sign a document asserting that you’re insured to drive the vehicle you brought with you.


The Driving Test

The driving test examiner will ask you to start the car and give you instructions as to your route. You will execute maneuvers such as making turns, lane changes, reversing and parking. The examiner will observe all of these exercises to determine whether you have the skills and ability to drive on your own. The examiner will make notes about your progress along the way, but won't try to correct anything you do.

The examiner plans the route ahead of time, so it includes quiet areas and areas with heavier traffic. In short, the examiner wants to see how you perform in a variety of driving situations. Do you know how to change lanes safely? Do you know how to go through a roundabout, so traffic is not disrupted? Do you know how to take an exit onto the highway, then safely take another exit to get off? Are you aware of the cars around you while adhering to the speed limit? These are just some of the skills an examiner wants to see. This part of the test takes around 20 minutes.

After you arrive back at the examination facility, your examiner will let you know if you passed or failed the road test. The examiner may give you some suggestions on the various maneuvers you did. If you passed the test, you and the examiner will go into the facility so you can complete the paperwork to get your license. If you failed the test, your examiner will tell you why and let you know what to do next.


Tips For Success On Your Driving Test

One helpful tip for success on the driving test is to listen carefully to the examiner’s directions. In other words, don’t anticipate what the examiner will say at any point during the test. Being a responsible driver means focusing on the road as well as the cars around you.

Another tip is to breathe evenly and stay calm. If you’ve practiced for enough hours with a licensed driver, then you should be ready for whatever maneuvers the examiner asks you to do. If you feel nervous, let your examiner know. There’s a very good chance that the examiner will have some encouraging words having dealt with nervous test takers many times before.

Take the driving test seriously. Unfortunately, some people think of this test as a necessary annoyance on the way to getting their driver’s license. But, the examiner is observing you to ensure you are a careful driver, obeying all traffic signs and not taking chances that could result in an accident on the road. The examiner has the option of failing a driver which means they have to take the test again at a later date.

The Extended Driving Test

When a driver is disqualified from their driving test, they must take an extended driving test by order of the court. The total amount of time for this test is about 70 minutes. The time a driver spends on the road with the examiner is about 40 minutes. The maneuvers are more challenging to ensure the driver is qualified to receive a driver’s license.

Lastly, dedicating the proper amount of time to prepare for the test and taking it seriously can help you to have success and get your license as soon as possible. If you are still struggling, you can always contact Best Driving School to get some additional support and tips!

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