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Who is the Average Driving School Student?

There is no such thing as “the average driving school student.” There are dozens of reasons people enroll in driving school. Teenagers and young adults who are working towards qualifying for their first drivers license are probably who come to mind when you picture the average driving school student. While it is true that this population is highly represented at even the best driving school, they are far from the only people who require driving school services.
Many states mandate that drivers attend driving school after being ticketed for various traffic infractions. This is especially true in the case of repeat offenders, like drivers who are frequently stopped for excessive highway speeding. Newly immigrated citizens also find driving school, specifically driving school games that simulate road conditions, extremely helpful in learning the traffic laws and patterns of their new region.

Most states also require people wishing to apply for a motorcycle license to attend a driving school and take motorcycle riding lessons prior to applying for licensure. Along that same vein, commercial truck drivers who drive vehicles above a certain weight or who transport hazardous chemicals must attend various classes and pass commercial driver’s license (CDL) certification tests.

Whatever category of student you are and whatever reason has you looking for the best driving academy, our goal is to help you find it.

What Makes a "Good" Driving School Good

Just as every driving school student is there for a unique reason, every student also has a unique learning style. Studies show that not all people learn in the same fashion. Some people are visual learners who require information delivered in the form picture or videos. Some are reading/writing learners who learn best reading and then writing out concepts. On the other side of the spectrum, experiential learners learn best when they are physically executing a task or concept that they are attempting to master and auditory learners need to hear new information to retain it.
For these reasons, a good driving school will deliver their lessons utilizing a mix of these techniques. However, the best driving school will take the time to understand each student’s unique learning style and cater the lesson plan to them. Any competent driving school curriculum will contain both didactic classroom learning of specific driving laws and regulations as well as hands-on driving instruction.

Classroom Learning

The goal of the classroom component of driving school is to create knowledgeable and safe drivers. Driving is a privilege, not a right, and with that privilege comes the responsibility of knowing state laws and regulations as they pertain to motorists. The best driving academy will teach:

• Basic road signage, symbols, and meaning
• Specific state and local laws regarding safe driving practices, yielding for emergency vehicles, etc.
• State and local parking procedures and regulations
• Defensive driving techniques
• Basic car maintenance and upkeep
• Common errors for new drivers to avoid
• Common car emergencies and how to handle them

This is not an exhaustive list. The material will vary regionally, but in general a good driving school class will cover all these areas is at least some capacity.

Hands-On Driving Instruction

Obviously, hands-on driving instruction will be a large component of any driving school. Qualified instructors carefully monitoring and guiding students through increasingly difficult courses and eventually onto the open road has been the gold standard from decades. Driving involves quite a bit of muscle memory and fine-motor movement. These are skills that can only be honed via practice and repetition.

At least, that used to be the case. In recent years, many schools have shifted at least some of their instruction towards simulations, also known as driving school games. With a driving simulation, a student can be placed in a much wider variety of situations and environments than would be safely possible with real life, on-the-road instruction. Students can experience hydroplaning on a wet highway or regaining control of a truck skidding across black ice without ever being in danger. In this way, instructors are able to demonstrate and evaluate techniques for situations that would be far too dangerous to mimic in the real world. This helps drivers to be more aware of how to handle a car and avoid car accidents. Obviously, driving school games will never take the place of real-world instruction. However, they are being increasingly used to supplement and augment instructional training for both new and experienced drivers.

Testing and Certifications

One common factor for people to enroll in driving school is that they are able to take various driving tests at that school. Depending on the DMV, the waiting list for drivers license appointments can often be weeks or months out. Driving schools allow students to schedule a driving test at their pace and take the test with an instructor that they have grown comfortable with. Also, students are often able to take license testing in their own vehicle, which adds another level of comfort to an often nerve-wracking process.

In the process of choosing the right driving school for you, make sure the school you choose is legally able to administer the specific test or certification that you are hoping to attain. For example, not all driving school locations offer motorcycle instruction or CDL certification.

So What Is The "Best" Driving School?

Just as there is no such thing as an average driving school student, there is no such thing as an average driving school. Each will have its own areas of expertise and focus. The goal is to pair the right student up with the right school. That way, students get the instruction that they need and are able to safely and competently exercise their driving privilege. Please let us know how we can help you find the right driving school for you.

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  • They set out to teach my son the proper rules of the road and they certainly did. I now feel comfortable when he is driving me around in the car, and I can rest easy knowing that he has the write understanding of the laws
    - Shirley B.
  • I couldn't be happier with my time in the drving school. They showed me everything I needed to get my CDL license and now I'm in my dream job!
    - Matt H.
  • This school helped me get the points down on my license so my insuance could cost a bit less. I'm real grateful for that. They were good people and showed me what I was doing wrong in a way I understood it
    - Stephen I.

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