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brooklyn-driving-schoolsMany New Yorkers hardly see the need to get a drivers license due to the more than reliable subway system and the high cost of acquiring and maintaining a car.

However, even though you may have gone through school and early graduate life without a car or feeling the need to have one, you will find out that having a license is seriously valuable for a plethora of things. If you are in such a predicament or are just looking to learn the dynamics of driving, this article is what you need.

Different driving schools offer different packages so they can be able to accommodate various schedules. You need to find one that suits your needs best. Since the market is full of options with some not so good ones, we have outlined various pointers to look for:

  • If you don't have time to continually visit the driving school to schedule your lessons, make sure they have an excellent website. These schools tend to be well organized and have reliable customer service which will allow you to plan and cancel your experiences from the comfort of your home.
  • Go to various reliable review sites like Yelp and check the reviews about the school you are looking to join. If you don't find any reviews, consider that a red flag. Many institutions posing as driving schools may just be unlicensed car owners looking to profit off your naivety and offer you substandard services.
  • Go for the one which is most convenient in both price and proximity. You wouldn't want to take two buses to get to a driving school. This should not be an issue, however, as the options are overflowing.

5-Hour Class Brooklyn

The New York government requires you to take a pre-licensing course, otherwise known as the 5-hour class, before undergoing any road tests. It is only after you pass this class that you will be given an MV-278 (Pre Licensing Course Completion) to proceed with your driving license course work.

The test will equip you with:

Most schools only offer physical classes to under 18's, but for the older generation, you have the option of online courses. Additionally, the course is only viable for a year, after which you will need to retake it to get your driver's license.

CDL Driving School Brooklyn

cdl-license-brooklynIf you are looking to become a professional truck driver, the state of New York requires you to take and pass the CDL test. A CDL driving school will equip you with the mandatory skills and knowledge necessary to become a professional truck driver.

The course is divided into two categories; Class A for tractor-trailers and Class B for commercial trucks, tankers, school buses, and HAZMAT. All the options are suited for different people and career options, so tread carefully and be sure to fully understand the different classes before signing up!

You will be happy to know that on average, some truck drivers make an annual salary of up to $62,000 with benefits. Also, most of the CDL schools in Brooklyn offer you job placements immediately after you complete the course.

Before you decide on which driving school suits you best, consider the following:

  • The availability and abundance of equipment necessary for the course in the school premises
  • The price and proximity of the school
  • Their job placement ratio for successful graduates
  • The size of the class in ratio to the number of instructors
  • The instructions and course line offered and whether it is in tune with the required regulations
  • Reviews left by graduates on the quality of learning

Why You Need a Brooklyn Driving School

Many people opt to be taught how to drive by their parents or friends for an array of reasons. However, this is not the ideal set up as driving schools will be much more beneficial and give you the certifications you need.

Despite being the most comfortable and feeling safest in your father's car, here are a few reasons as to why you need a proper driving school, especially if you plan to drive on the daring roads of Brooklyn.

  • The car is insured- The state of New York has stringent rules in regards to the insurance coverage that driving schools need. They cover almost every accident you can conjure up and also compensate injuries to people. This is unlike the cheap insurance your parents have that covers only essentials.
  • The instructor has a brake too- Unlike normal cars where your folk keeps screaming at you to brake, the vehicles used in driving schools have brakes on both sides. This ups the safety and gives you comfort so you can concentrate on learning how to drive and not on the accidents that could occur.

Brooklyn Driving Statistics

Although all roads are dangerous, Brooklyn has some incredibly hazardous intersections. NYPD reported it had a total of 72 fatalities with nearly 15,000 injuries in the years 2019 alone. If you are a new driver, try to avoid the following intersections;

However, this should not deter you from driving as a Brooklyn driving school will equip you with the knowledge necessary to remain safe on the road. You can also read more on what happens if you do end up failing your test, but with a proper school, this is highly unlikely! Contact us now to get paired with the best driving school in your area!

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