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Good day, dear students driving school chicago! There is hardly drivers who have no instinct of self-preservation, will argue that it is inadmissible: great to be able to drive a car, it is absolutely not knowing the theory of driving, based on traffic regulations and the national experience. After just a simple case: famously jump out at unregulated crossroad, one hand coping with the car, the other coping with Sigmacom and talking on the phone, not to give way to the car with law, and be the culprit.

And you are witnesses of these situations, daily. So, let’s get down to business. No one be mistaken if will argue that there is no universal program for the preparation of the driver-a beginner. Or rather: there is no program that combining the theory and practice of safe driving, might be ideal for all drivers. But let us, nevertheless, we will try to separate theoretical knowledge of skill and practice of Azov driving skills. Now will not even a recommendation from chicago driving school and unwritten theoretical laws, which are 100% dependent practical driving without accidents.

Probably the most important topic which needs to know every student driving schools in chicago. We discuss situations which may arise not only on the road. Classes are held in two stages theory and practice.

In theory, the teacher explains and gives examples on training and visual AIDS. In practice, the cadets studying first aid on mannequins, doing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation( cardiac massage and artificial respiration) make the dressing and everything you need to first aid. Classes are conducted by a professional in his field, rescue officers who travels to an accident and provides the first pomoga think that to him to believe you.

The theory of driving it is a complex of knowledge, which should have anyone who pretends to receive rights truck driving schools in chicago. First of all this knowledge of traffic rules (SDA), road signs marking. Also the knowledge about the structure of the vehicle, the basics of safe operation, knowledge in law – administrative law, penalties for a violation of traffic rules.

The theory of driving a compulsory subject on the exam in the SAI. Candidate drivers must give correct answers to 19 of 20 tickets, contains 4 different answers, one of which is correct. The learning process driving conditions chicago attracted teachers and trainers with extensive experience of teaching, the quality of which is confirmed by the responses of the students.

More than 70 % of students come to our school on the recommendation of relatives, friends and acquaintances. Theoretical courses and driving organized so as to facilitate learning and to simplify the process of passing the exam. The course theory also includes lectures on medicine and psychological training. Now many car shows and publications offer advice on how to act in a critical situation.

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